Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vera House launches Clothesline Project

The Vera House of Syracuse hosts the Clothesline Project his week, an exhibit of T-shirts made by victims of domestic abuse that represent their feelings of pain, anguish and hope.

The Clothesline Project is part of the Vera House's educational programs that help support and rehabilitate survivors of domestic abuse. Volunteer Jane Henirich say's the project allows survivors to share their stories and feelings with the community.

"They feel it kind of raises awareness between their friends among the community and I think probably too they feel a kind of comradery," says Henrich.

Henrich says she has seen an increase in domestic violence cases, and that programs like these help the community realize the severity of the issue.

"For spectators it really bears witness to the sexual abuse and violence in our neighborhood," says Henrich. "It's extremely moving, it certainly motivates me to continue what I'm doing for Vera House."

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