Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team C 4:20 Newscast

I was very pleased with the overall turnout of my newscast. I started off the day having no idea what any of my reporters or anchor was doing, to having plenty of worthwhile content, especially for such a slow news day.
Click here to listen to newscast.

I had three reporters, Flavia Colangelo, Ivory Hecker and Simon Rosenwasser and Aaron Ortega as my anchor. Because I had so many wraps, I felt like I could take more time writing each story as tight as possible. I wasn't stressed out until the last thirty minutes of class, when Ivory and Simon were still not finished with their scripts. In the end though I was proud of all the hard work everyone put in. Flavia did a nice wrap about gas prices and found a car to get her to a gas station. Ivory made contacts for two possible stories and ended up interviewing a handful of people for her story about tea party protesting. Simon did a nice job running around town looking for people to interview about his story about tax help. Lastly, anchor Aaron Ortega did a really interesting foner about a controversial showing of The Birth of a Nation in Rome this weekend.

While I had to run around at the last minute getting all the scripts together, the broadcast was pretty smooth, with only a few bumps. The script I gave to director Ryan Rogers had two stories out of order, which made for a little confusion. Also, Ryan played one of Simon's sots too soon, while Simon was still talking. We skipped the tease, just in case, but came back from the break with 30 seconds, so I had Aaron read the kicker, the short weather and the short goodbye. Aaron was a little flustered when he only had ten seconds to finish up with the weather and goodbye, but we ended two seconds early, which was nearly perfect.

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