Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Onondaga Lake Park is not affected by budget cuts

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With the Onondaga County budget still being settled, a lot of local parks are unsure about whether or not they will have to make changes to their programs and facilities. The Onondaga County Parks main office held a budget meeting this morning to decide how they would spend their funds.

However, Onondaga Lake Park's Director of Recreational Services, Eric Sopchak, says this park is not negatively effected by the budget. In fact, Sopchak, said they are probably going to be busier than ever this spring and summer.

"With the economy obviously in a rut like it is right now, parks and green spaces become even busier," Sopchak said.

He said tens of thousands of people visited the park last weekend alone and that the park has more events planned this summer than ever. Sopchak said the county budget will not cause the park to cut hours or staff members.

"We are gearing up for, I hope, our busiest summer yet."

Onondaga Lake Park is planning on continuing to run normally and not have to make any changes.

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