Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team C Newscast, 4:20 PM

I thought overall the newscast went pretty well. While there wasn't a lot of breaking news, we had some interesting stories and good sound. We only had one copy story in the A-Block, which is a good feat considering I had around three copy stories in the A-Block the first two times I produced.
Click here to listen to newscast.
Everything flowed pretty well since the stories on child advocacy and Vera House were related, then we had a story about the budget, and I was able to put the stories on the Syracuse Chiefs and SU Softball team back to back. We were around five to 10 seconds heavy on time until we had the live remote at the SU Softball Stadium with Emily Knox. Somehow we went until the break right on time.

I thought Merav's wrap was very interesting, and she did a good job cutting out information since she was over on time originally. Jake had a lot of trouble finding a phoner, but then he talked to Travis Proulx, the spokesman for the Democrats in the Senate. Emily did a good job keeping in touch with me about when she would be on the air. She called in when I asked her to, and she gave a very good report on the first game and led into game two of the doubleheader.

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