Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Team C Newscast 4:10 (April 28th)

I have to say things went pretty smoothly during our last newscast of the semester.

Click here to listen to newscast.

Starting off, Aylssa was my reporter and got her story approved early on Tuesday.

She spoke with someone from SEUNA and a woman who lives on Euclid Ave. about MayFest. Alyssa finished her wrap pretty early in the afternoon and helped me finish writing today's stories.

David was my anchor today, and he got off to a shaky start - he didn't have a phoner to start the afternoon, but eventually he ended up with two and another newscast ended up using his sound.

Originally, David called the DA's office about the Bass case, and waited for a call back from one of the assistant district attorneys. But, he also contacted a county legislator about the OTB proposal and got some great sound which he used for his anc/act. One of the DA's ended up calling him back and we used his sound in another story.

David and Alyssa did a great job finishing their stories on time, and we packed a lot into the newscast. As for my rundown, I think it flowed pretty smoothly and the stories grouped well together.

The trickiest part of the day was finding a second reporter, but Jake volunteered to go live in studio with five playbacks, which certainly did not make Ryan happy.

Overall, the newscast turned out great. I think we are really getting it. Too bad it is the last week!

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