Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Junior Day at Syracuse

Orange was seen more than usual around the Syracuse University campus today. It seemed like half of the people walking around the quad or Hall of Languages were carrying an orange, recyclable bag.

Today was Junior Day at SU, where high school juniors and their families had the opportunity to visit the campus. Throughout the day, there were many groups of families following SU students on tours.

The weather made campus look all the more beautiful, and it seemed to affect the prospective students.

"I like how there are a lot of green areas, you could just hang out. I saw a lot of people hanging out in the grass, like just chillin' doing homework and stuff," said David Compito visiting from Skillsman, New Jersey. Compito says he will definitely apply to Syracuse after his visit today.

Michelle Beauchemin from Portland, Maine said her visit was a good one.

"I came for the school of engineering, and I loved it," she said. "I love this school. I'm really excited to apply."

Junior Day only happens once a year, but students can visit the campus anytime during the year. Tour leaders are part of the University 100 program at SU, which works with admissions to promote events like Junior Day. Though leading tours can be fun, Marissa Tarallo says each walk around campus adds up.

"I've done two. I think I'm going on three or four eventually, but right now it's an exhausting day."

Lisa Gapinske also led tours and estimates there were over a thousand visitors today. She wasn't far off. According to the Office of Admissions, there were 971 students and guests. That number increased since last year's 866 people.

And how many of those orange bags were made for Junior Day?
The Office of Admissions says 500.

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