Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sheraton Hotel to get renovations

The Sheraton Hotel in Syracuse will soon be under renovation.

General Manager David Heymann says he isn't sure how many rooms the Sheraton will be renovating, but construction is expected to start this summer and finish sometime early next year.

Heymann says the renovations will begin with one model room. From there the hotel will be able to make more concrete plans about how long each room will take to renovate with new furniture and carpet.

Heymann says he hopes he will be able to raise room rates after the renovation is finished.

"You hope that if you are going to spend several million dollars that you are going to get the return. So maybe in a good economy, once it bounces back we will get more money," Heymann said.

The Sheraton currently has 236 rooms and out of the ones being renovated, Heymann says about six of them will be green-certified.
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