Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Team A Newscast 4-28

As producer for the Team A newscast, I would like to report that work went very smoothly today. My life was made very easy by Natalie, Erika, and Hannah. Erika and Hannah both had ample time after their interviews to produce wraps. Both of the wraps turned out well and were timed nicely.

Natalie tried calling multiple places for phoners, but for some reason nobody could talk to her and did not call back either. However, she was extremely helpful in writing stories, getting sound from others, and helping me produce the newscast.

For the order of stories, I led with the Bass Trial since it happened today and was relevant to the area. I made sure that the Clean Tech story and the Green Sheraton story went next to eachother since they were both about green sustainability. The workers memorial day story fit in after the Sheraton, and the mountain goat race after that. The mayfest security story was not as important so I ended A block with it.

In studio, things went pretty well. We were a little bit heavy with content, so I cut the mayfest story to give us a healthy 47 seconds coming back from break. Natalie was very good in her pacing and delivery, and did well to end the newscast with a succesful weather report and goodbye. Overall, I am very happy with how things went.

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