Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rise in HIV Cases Spurs Community Response

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Nine men under the age of 25 have been diagnosed with HIV in Onondaga County since January, according to Onondaga County Health Commissioner Dr. Cynthia Morrow.

Onondaga County usually has about nine new HIV cases over a year, according to the Post Standard.

In response to the news, the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS held a news conference this morning at the Southwest Community Center. Chairman Rev. Chauncey Brown says it's important for people living in Syracuse to know what has been going on.

Brown says he is pushing for more education, testing and treatment for those with HIV in Syracuse.

“HIV is 100 percent preventable," he said. "Education can stop people from contracting the disease."

Brown says he wants to organize a summit with around 75 local clergy members to more formally discuss ways to educate the Syracuse community. He says it's important to inform people on how HIV is transmitted.

The Onondaga County Health Department is still investigating whether there is a link between the nine individuals who have been diagnosed.

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