Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team B 4:10 Newscast

I was very pleased with the way our newscast turned out today. Although I woke up this morning feeling extremely stressed because no one had story ideas, we ended up producing a very worthwhile six minutes of news in my opinion.
Click here to listen to newscast.
Producing the second time was much easier. I felt more on top of things as I better understood the ENPS layout, how to use ABC Newscall and how to properly print scripts.

My reporters were Natalie McGurn and Eric Silverman. They did a great job of letting me know what they were doing throughout the day. Both turned around two interesting stories. Natalie produced a wrap and Eric reported live in studio.

My anchor was Emily Knox. As a first time anchor, I think she did a great job. Getting a foner was somewhat difficult at first, but as soon as she got someone on the phone, the ball really got rolling. I have found we work really well together.

My favorite part about today's newscast was how organized the stories were. Everything was connected and I had fun choosing where the stories should go. Content wise, I wouldn't say the stories were riveting, but they were all important. We incorporated lots of SOTS within the newscast to keep things lively.

I was also proud of how the timing turned out. Although I was nervous about finishing on time and told Emily to skip the tease, I decided during the commercial we had enough time for the kicker. She did a wonderful job of fitting everything in without getting flustered. We ended with one second to spare.

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