Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SU gears up for Mayfest

With Mayfest only two days away, things were pretty busy this afternoon at Walnut Park. A group of about 10 people spent the majority of the day setting up traffic cones and assembling trash cans around the park in preparation for Friday’s festivities. The workers were also working on making an enclosed area within the park. About five trucks full of fencing were parked along Walnut Avenue to help complete the task.

The trucks and the fences are just a small part of this year’s Mayfest overhaul. Over the past few years Mayfest has primarily been a partying event held on Euclid Avenue. This year, the event has become a university sanctioned event. After last year’s Mayfest on Euclid, Southeast University Neighborhood Association (SEUNA) and others decided they had seen enough. “We were very instrumental in getting it changed because it was a destruction of property and because of the problems that could arise because of the history,” said Harry Lewis, the Treasurer and former President of SEUNA. “Every year when something takes place it usually gets larger and larger.”

Mayfest 2010 at Walnut should be much less chaotic, with DPS on hand to prevent things from getting out of hand. Beer will be available to students who are 21 and over. Everyone will have to show a valid ID and students who are drinking will only be allowed to do so in the fenced-in area that workers were setting up earlier today. The students will also be limited to four beers. Students who arrive after 3 pm will only be allowed two beers.

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