Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28 Newscast B 4:00 pm

Today's newscast went okay, but could have been much better.

Click here to listen to newscast.

The two reporters, Jesse and Allie, had well written stories. Allie did a live foner from LeMoyne's baseball field, told us about the weather and the team's practice schedule. Jesse's Mayfest story described the Walnut scene well, and the SOT from Henry Lewis worked well with the story.

Timing during the newscast itself was a little off. We managed to get through all the stories, but had to say "now this" instead of teasing because we were not sure we'd be able to read the kicker. Eric was able to shorten the kicker but keep enough so listeners know what was going on. We also had time to do a medium weather and a short goodbye.

Working during the day was pretty calm. We were able to get stories from classmates and from the wires. It took Eric a little while to get a contact and a foner, but he manged to get in touch with someone.

I got very stressed at 3:30, 30 minutes before our newscast. Eric started writing his anc act and realized he had very poor audio quality that could not be used. He only had 20 minutes before he had to be in the hallway, and was not able to call anyone else for a SOT and have time to write a story. We had to make his story into a copy story and try to redistribute time to the other reporter's wrap and foner and add more to other copy stories to make up for the possible dead air.

This stressed me out during those thirty minutes and carried over into the newscast. I was frazzled and when I tried to call Allie from the studio it didn't go through, and had to hurry to get her the phone number to call us before we started, therefore we couldn't get her a mic check. Some of my redistribution of time was off, which caused us to have to use the "now this."

Unfortunately this newscast did not run as smoothly as I had hoped it would as my second, and last time producing. But it did give me an opportunity to try and work in a stressful situation for the first time.

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