Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SU Abroad Students Feel the Crunch

SU Abroad - 106 Walnut Place, Syracuse

Sophomore Priyanka Vohra makes breakfast before Wednesday morning classes.

About 800 Syracuse University students are studying abroad next Fall, according to SU Abroad Admissions Counselor Gail Rich. Although most won't be leaving for four months, they're getting ready to go now.

With finals ahead, some students are feeling the stress of finishing school while filling out post-acceptance forms. Sophomore Priyanka Vohra says there is a lot to do to prepare.

"The visas, the emergency contact information, I need to get it in one time, " she said. "But finals are really important too, so I'm trying to balance my time."

Rich says it's important students complete their post-acceptance forms before they leave campus for summer.

Sophomore David DeGuzman is going to
London. He's never been to Europe and says the whole process is overwhelming.

"There's just so many forms to fill out," he said. "I just wish there was more support for kids who are still confused."

But sophomore Brian Sakakeeny says SU Abroad has been helpful and organized.

"There's a pre-orientation meeting tonight, " said Sakakeeny. "It's always nice to get everyone together and have someone answer questions."

Despite feeling stressed now, Vohra says she is more excited than anything.

"I can't wait. I just want this summer to fly by so I can jet off," she said. "I would fill out 800 more forms if I had to because I know it's going to be worth it."

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