Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Team E Newscast: 4:30

I think that this was the hardest day to produce yet. Not just for me personally, but for all producers involved. Having to do all the stories on-campus made things extremely difficult. I had a tough time with finding stories that seemed interesting enough to put on the air, as did everyone else I think. This probably has a lot to do with why just about everyone had similar newscasts. Also, the lack of the AP Wire made finding copy stories far harder to find.
Click here to listen to newscast.
That being said, I think that the newscast went pretty well overall. I was extremely pleased with the wrap that Erika turned in. I liked how many soundbites she got, and thought the montage of people she got talking about how stressed they were was very clever. I thought Flavia's phoner turned out pretty well as well, especially considering that she had issues getting in touch with the person she was going to do the original phoner with.

I was pleased with the timing of the newscast, but also slightly surprised that we had so much extra time after the break. Going into the last couple stories, we were literally right on where the rundown said we should be for time, then somehow, went into break with 45 seconds to go. I was happy that we had a decent floater to pull, and thought Flavia did a good job of adding it in there. However, even with the floater and the kicker, we still used the long weather and long goodbye, and came up 5 seconds light.

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