Thursday, April 15, 2010

Syracuse Post Office will close at 9pm on Income Tax Day

Syracuse's Main Post Office will close at 9pm instead of midnight on income tax day. The public affairs director of Postal Services, Maureen Marion, said that the Post Office does not need to take taxpayer's money to remain open for the few people that will show up after 9:00.

"2 out of 3 people will file their taxes electronically this year," Marion said. She said that because of this, people will not need to use the Post Office services anymore.

Marion said the reason the Post Office is even staying open until 9:00 is for the few people who don't know how to do their tax returns on the computer, or that they can just leave their forms in their mailboxes to be collected. The closest Post Office that will be open until midnight is in Utica.

"If you aren't done by 9:00 and you can still bracket in 45 minutes worth of travel," Marion said, "you can make downtown Utica with time to spare."


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