Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slocum Hall On Edge

For most Syracuse University students, finals start the second week of May but for architecture students, they have spent sleepless nights this week preparing for their studio final tomorrow afternoon. Different groups of students were assigned a real site and they visited that site to come up with an idea for the final project. Although they've been working gradually on their idea for a month now, it still comes down to the last week.
Second year student Weston Halkyard's building is an art school for downtown Syracuse. "We all know what we have to do and have been doing it but this is when everyone tries to make it look good."
Floor plans, 3-D images and diagrams are all due tomorrow.
"It's been extremely stressful but unfortunately sleep is just put on the back burner for now. It is definitely worth it in the end," said second year student Liz Mikula, who is building a new City Hall for New York City.
After this studio class is over they still have their other classes to focus on for the next couple of weeks until school ends. The students get reviewed by their professor one at a time tomorrow starting at 1 pm.

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