Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Local resident says Mayfest is like any other weekend

The location of Mayfest at Syracuse University has been changed from Euclid Ave. to Walnut Park this year. According to Harry Lewis of SEUNA (Southeast University Neighborhood Association), who lives on Lancaster Ave., the community's biggest problem with Mayfest is the destruction of property and the safety of the students and community.
Alecea Standlee, who lives right next to SU's South Campus, said that even though there are a lot of students partying off-campus during Mayfest, the same thing happens on a regular weekend at SU.
"I don't think theres much we can do about it," Standlee said "We live in a culture where partying is a part of college."
Standlee also said one of her biggest fears is accidentally hitting someone with her car at night because they are running in the street drunk. She said she thinks the University should take advantage of free or cheap taxi services so students can get home safely on the weekends.
Mayfest is this Friday and according to Harry Lewis there will be cops patrolling Euclid Avenue to make sure there is no one breaking any laws. Lewis said cops will be arresting anyone who breaks the law during Mayfest.
(Photo taken Mayfest 2009 by Alyssa Norwin)

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