Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Team C 4:10 Newscast

The first week of on campus news was a little challenging. I was worried about getting sound for all the stories to make them legitimate, but everyone was really great about sharing sound and story ideas to help me with the rundown.
Click here to listen to the newscast.

Greg was my anchor and Ivory was my only reporter. Greg and I worked together last time I produced so I wasn't worried about working together because it went so well last time. Greg did a great job skyping with Kevin Ware, an SU student in London, to talk about how the volcano eruption was affecting students. The sound wasn't the best quality, but I'm glad we tried something new for a newscast. Greg had some trouble typing because he has a cast on one hand so the stories weren't written as quickly as before. But, we did work super well together and everything on our end got done well before we were supposed to go on.

Ivory came to me yesterday with her approved story idea, and came back to class early with a lot of sound. Audacity gave her some problems and she only got her story done about 5 minutes before our newscast.

Greg had a little trouble reading scripts, but he recovered really well every time and sounded very professional. Ivory labeled her sound bites incorrectly, and so the wrong sot played at the wrong time. Ivory stopped reading and had Ryan replay the correct sot and then played the second sot again at the right time. Ivory and I talked after that if she would have kept reading, and just had the wrong sots playing it would have sounded ten times better than what actually happened. I think it was a good lesson to learn that things aren't always going to go right but you need to keep going no matter what so it sounds somewhat professional.

We came out of Ivory's wrap (the first story) 30 seconds over. I had to figure out what to cut or we would have gone to commercial with no time to come back. I eventually cut our last copy story and tease so to keep all the stories with sound. Allie re-read her wrap live in studio which was such a help because we only had one reporter. She did a fantastic job and her wrap was really interesting.

Greg read the kicker, short weather, and quick goodbye and we came out with one second to spare. The newscast in general was not flawless with Ivory's mistake, Greg's voicing, and my confusion of what to do to make it sound decent. But, we came out better for it, made some (or a lot) of mistakes, and learned some good lessons.

It was my last time producing for the semester, and I've come to find that I really, really like it and hope to do more of it in the future.

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