Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Karl Bass Sentenced

A Syracuse man heard his fate in Onondaga County Court this morning after admitting he robbed an elderly woman back in January. Judge William Walsh sentenced Karl Bass to seven years in prison, despite Assistant District Attorney Mike Kasmarek asking for the maximum of ten years.

"Mr. Bass expressed some remorse about what he had done," said Kasmarek. "He asked the judge not to give him the top end of what he had committed to".

Bass admitted to robbing a 77-year-old woman outside of a pharmacy earlier this year, and then forcing her into her car to drive to an ATM to withdraw more money. Bass pleaded guilty in March to first-degree robbery, which gave him a minimum sentence of five years.

Bass offered an apology in court in front of some of the victim's family. Kasmarek said that while Bass did acknowledge his wrongdoing, his sentence is just.

"Punishing him and holding him accountable for his actions also ensures for at least the next seven years he's not in a position to do this to anyone else".

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