Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gas prices continue to rise

Gas prices in Syracuse continue to rise a few cents each week due to an increase in imported oil, causing the average price to be around $3 a gallon, according to

Gas station owner Saif Jaber says this is not new, and that he expects prices to keep climbing. Jaber owns a Citgo in Dewitt and says business is OK for now, but that an increase in oil prices means increased gas prices for consumers.

"If they keep going up, yeah it will affect us," says Jaber. "It affects our purchasing, it affects if i roder something for delivery they start adding surcharges or increase prices so it'll be a trickle down effect."

However owner of Lakeland Minimart Jy Patel says it could be worse.

"More than $3, yes, that hurts business and it hurts the people but under $3 is not bad, it's not going to hurt anybody."

However, according to a report by AAA, the national average price of gas has increased more than 50 cents over the past year. If these trends continue, paying $3 or more for a gallon of gas will become more common.

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