Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Author and advocate Marian Wright Edelman Speaks about child abuse

The Executive Director of McMahon/Ryan Children's Advocacy Site, Julie Cecile says child abuse in Onondaga County is increasing. She says from January to March 25th the medical team treated 77 children, 44 of which were under six years old, and 32 were reported sexual abuse cases. Cecile says most of the people who report child abuse cases are made by mandated reporter such as teachers, doctors and nurses. She says the community needs to "stand up for these children, have the courage to make a phone call if there is suspected child abuse."

The McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site and the YWCA co-sponsored a breakfast where Marian Wright Edelman, found of the Children's Defense Fund, spoke about child abuse on the national level this morning. About 170 people attended.

Edelman said the bottom line is people need to do more work. She said people are "not going to fix the world, they are going to fight to fix the world," and there is a still a long way to go. Edelman thanked the audience for helping to pass the health care bill, and said it was a major step for child advocacy. She said passing the bill is not enought, adults now need to help children get access to health care.

Edelman urged members of the audience to email or call their governors and legislatures and tell them to leave the preventive services budget as is. She also encouraged people to become teachers, and help children receive a proper education.

Picture courtesy of the Children's Defense Fund

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