Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Westcott Theater Staff are Prepared for a Sold Out Hippie Crowd

The jam-band Umphrey's McGee is playing a concert tonight at the Westcott Theater in front of a sell out crowd. The band is the second to sell out the Westcott before the day of show in the theater's two year concert history.

Drug use, specifically marijuana, is often associated with the jam-band scene. Westcott president and bar manager Sam Levy acknowledges this, but expects the crowd to behave appropriately.

"I think most people that come to the show, especially Umphrey's McGee fans, are respectful of being in an indoor venue in Syracuse. A lot of people are protective of us," said Levy.

Though drug use is a commonality for much of the jam band scene, Levy said that the main priority for these fans is the music.

"They're not here to cause trouble, they're not here to drink underage, their priority is not the drugs and the crap," said Levy, "Their priority is seeing the band."

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