Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Dinosaur BBQ Restaurant Opening in Troy

Dinosaur Barbeque has announced plans to open a new location in Troy, New York. Dinosaur Barbeque already has restaurants in Syracuse, Rochester and New York City. According to the Director of Operational Support for Dinosaur Barbeque, Lindsay Amorese, the new restaurant will be very similar to the locations already in operation.

"As far as the restaurant itself, it will be a similar vibe. None of the restaurants are exactly the same, but as far as the operations go, the same focuses will be put on the food obviously, the service, and the whole experience of being there," said Amorese.

While the vibe and experience may be the same, Amorese said that the new restaurant in Troy will be larger than the Syracuse restaurant which will allow for private parties right in the restaurant. At the Syracuse location, private rooms are upstairs and more separate from the restaurant. Also, the new Dinosaur Barbeque will be the first location to have a parking lot specifically for the restaurant.

Amorese added that although no more immediate expansion is expected, she does think that more expansion is a possibility.

"It's definitely a possibility," said Amorese. "It's not something we're committing to or putting any deadlines on ourselves, but if the opportunity arises and it feels like it's right, then yeah absolutely."

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