Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Basketball Success Paves Way for Record Number of Applicants at SU

SU’s office of admissions at Crouse-Hinds Hall is always a pretty hectic place come early March. But things have been even crazier this year with Syracuse receiving a record number of applications. And with the SU men’s basketball team sitting atop the AP poll, Dean of Admissions Susan Donovan says the craziness is not likely to end anytime soon.

While Donovan explained that there are a number of factors behind the rise in applications, she says that the basketball team’s success is definitely attracting more students to Syracuse.

“When people see Syracuse on television and all of the students in orange and cheering they get a sense that there’s a school spirit,” said Donovan. “That is something that they’re very attracted to. They want to be proud of the place they go to college.”

The flood of applications coming into the admissions office means that Donovan and her admissions staff are going to be pickier than ever about which students get in.

“We’re definitely going to be more selective in the students that we admit,” she said.

Donovan said that the school has also seen a 38% increase in transfer applications this school year. So it could be quite a while before the phones stop ringing at Crouse-Hinds.

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