Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fans Love Shutting it Down

Central New Yorkers look for them at Manny's on Marshall St. Syracuse University students grab them off the racks at the bookstore. Even Wes Johnson wears one. The Syracuse men's basketball team adopted the "Shut it Down" mantra early in the season, and now fans feel like they are in on it too.

"Shut it Down" started as a joke rap by coach Rob Murphy. It focused on shutting down the opponent on defense, something that this 2-3 zone is now known for.

The team, however, gave "Shut it Down" a life of its own. The tag line is supposed to rally fans, and has done just that.

"I'm not sure what it is about "Shut it Down", but once the team let the fans into their inner circle we felt like we were part of this magical run," said Syracuse University freshman Meg Hourihan who was buying a Shut it Down t-shirt Wednesday.

"Shut it Down" means something to the fans, and can possibly help this team to a championship. So let's just hope the best keep getting better.

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