Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Team C Newscast 3/31

Today's Team C newscast went smoothly. Although some of our stories did not sound too great as story pitches, Emily and Natalie succeeded in producing interesting stories.

Our news stories worked well together. We started with the building being torn down, then went on to Emily's wrap about changes in Feyetteville, followed by stories about gas prices increasing and Obama's new oil drilling plan.

Our timing was really good for most of the newscast. We were exactly on time until three or so minutes in, when Natalie's in studio wrap took longer than expected. We came back from break with 35 seconds left and read the short weather and medium closing. We had about 4 or 5 seconds left at the end, so David could have read a medium weather.

David's pace throughout the newscast was really good and I thought he did very well, even with saying "signing off." I wrote most of the stories but Emily, Natalie and David were extremelly helpful with writing and editing stories for the news show.

I had one mistake in a story. I misunderstood Aaron about how long the Little Gem Diner was open vs. how long the current owner has owned the diner.

David and Natalie arrived in the classroom at 12:45 or shortly after and began working on their stories. Emily arrived slightly later after attending the speech. Both reporters spent most of the time working on their pieces and David was having some difficulties reaching someone on the phone. David wrote his intro, weather, and closing, but since he spent most of the day trying to finda phoner, I tried to write many of the stories myself, which led to very sloppy writing.

Other than the one mistake, I think my first time producing went smoothly.

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