Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New shirts hit Marshall Street

Syracuse University's Marshall Street attracted basketball fans today - students and locals alike. Stores like Shirt World and Manny's released new merchandise today for the Sweet 16 Tournament as well as shirts and hats for the NCAA East Regional Tournament being held in Syracuse.

Therese Nelligan and her daughter Nicole Crowe said they headed to Marshall Street for some pizza, but couldn't resist the Sweet 16 shirts after passing by.

"I am totally happy with my purchase. I've never felt better. It's a beautiful day and I have a Sweet 16 t-shirt," Nelligan said.

While her daughter disagrees, Nelligan swears she is not an impulse buyer and says the $19.99 shirt is worth it and will be a perfect gift for her eighth-grade son, who is celebrating a birthday soon.

Both Manny's and Shirt World say Sweet 16 and East Regional Tournament items won't be the only new merchandise in the stores this week. Both say shirts from the four teams playing in Syracuse for the East Regional Tournament are on the way.

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