Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Going into Business" Seminar

The Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce hosted a "Going into Business" workshop today. The workshop is for people who are either business owners or are considering starting a business. Approximately 30 people attended the seminar, which representatives say is more than the usual attendance. The seminar is held six times year.

The seminar was conducted by members of the SCORE organization. SCORE is a nationwide, non-profit business made up of 11,000 volunteers in 400 cities. The organizations tag line is "counselors to America's small businesses." The Syracuse branch of SCORE has about 60 volunteers who are either retired or still active business executives and managers. These volunteers are lawyers, bankers, accountants, finance and marketing people.

Joe Pagano is a representative of SCORE. He says more people are looking to open their own businesses because of the economic condition. People may have lost their jobs or are looking for a second way of making some money. Pagano says this seminar they had many people walk in to the workshop, which he said was "unique."

Mary Homer owns a bridal consultant business in Cicero. She says she came to the workshop to learn how to take her business to the next level. She wants to learn how to better market her business and how to get the attention of her target audience.

Faytema Scott is a Syracuse resident who wants to open her own mail order catalogue business. She says she currently has a day-to-day job, but it is not safisfying her. She is here to get the basics of how to open her own business. Scott says she belives her business can prosper even with the bad economy. "I believe that if i start small and work with that i will have growth eventually," Scott said.

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