Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team A: 4:00 Newscast

As an anchor for the past two weeks, I thought being producer would be a little more stressful. The preparation started out well, however, and this set a nice tone for the newscast. My team included Alyssa as anchor, and Flavia and David as reporters. All of them responded to my e-mails well before class, informing me of their story ideas. The help from them is what made my job as a producer so much easier.

Constructing the rundown was the hardest part as producer. I had never made a rundown before, but I liked that I had to almost figure it out myself, instead of just been given step-by-step directions. Alyssa helped me a little with deciding which stories should go where and how long each should be. Erika and I also worked together and helped each other out with our rundowns. This reassured me because I didn't feel like I was the only person producing for the first time.

All my teammates wrote their scripts timely and being the first newscast of the day, I felt a little more pressure to get things done on time than the previous weeks.

The actual newscast went really well. Alyssa and David read their scripts very clearly and timely. Going into the break, we were perfectly on time: 4:04:00. Alyssa's pace was excellent and David and Flavia's stories were great too. The only thing I noticed we did wrong, (which Professor Nicholson pointed out to us afterward), was that after the weather, we had time left to do two floaters, but I guess the floaters are supposed to be read before the break. We didn't know that.

I think this was the best newscast I have experienced so far. My teammates and I worked together very well, and I felt that this week wasn't as stressful as the others.

I really enjoyed being a producer. I liked the feeling of making the core decisions of the newscast and I felt that my job was very important. Producing has never really interested me, but I am learning that I like being off-air as much as on-air. I don't think I would feel this way, though, if my team hadn't been so great.

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