Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kosher Meals on Wheels is Busy for Passover

There is a whole separate room at the Syracuse Jewish Family Service for products they will serve during the week of Passover.

"Matzah is served with every single meal which is not a normal thing," the Director of Dining Services, Cindy Blanchard, said.

The meals are served with the Kosher Meals on Wheels Program. This program takes place at Menorah Park year round, serving 20 homes a day. However, during Passover the program serves about 5 more homes a day than usual and Blanchard says the kitchen is much busier during this time.

"All the stuff we use the rest of the year has to be put away and new equiment comes out," Blanchard said. "All different food comes out and everything that we were using prior to that is not used again."

The reason for this is because the kitchen cannot use any bread products during Passover. They use separate dishes, silverware and pots and pans that are only used during this time of the year.

Although some volunteers and workers had off today for Passover, about a dozen kitchen staff members were still hard at work.

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