Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3D TV Era is Here

Soon there will be footballs thrown through living rooms and avatars battling on your coffee table. Of course, not literally but the 3D era has finally arrived with Panasonic, Sony and Samsung on the journey.

Best Buy in DeWitt recieved their first 3D TV this morning. Costing about $2,700 dollars, the 55 inch TV requires specific 3D glasses. The glasses connect through a sensor to the TV and turns the 3D effect on. You will not experience the 3D effects if you do not have the glasses. They are sold separately for about $200.

Best Buy Home Theater Specialist, Mike Gottleib, says he has high hopes for 3D TV and thinks it will catch on when more 3D content is available.

ESPN has already announced the launching of their own 3D channel which will broadcast live at the FIFA World Cup in June.

A Blu-Ray player is required for 3D movies but as far as TV programs in 3D, those are in the works now that the TV is out.

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