Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apartments at New Park Point Apartments Filling up Fast

With temperatures reaching the mid 50s again today in Syracuse, it looks as though winter is just about done. Construction on the Park Point apartments isn’t though. General Manager Marybeth Gayne says she doesn’t expect construction on the building to conclude until around August 1st. She says the daily beeping and buzzing of construction equipment hasn’t discouraged students from applying for leases for this fall though.

“Things have been very busy and we’ve taken quite a few applications but we still do have apartments left,” Gayne said on the phone today. She says that those few open apartments are going quick though and that it would be “only a matter of time” before the five-story building would be filled to its capacity. Gaynes also mentioned that the apartments, located on the corner of Comstock Avenue and Marshall Street, would be open for students to preview beginning in April.

Construction began last September and should draw to a close just before the beginning of next school year at Syracuse. Gaynes says students should be able to begin moving in on August 15th.

(The photo shown above is an artistic rendering of what the Park Point apartments are expected to look like after construction is completed. You can find the photograph here.)

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