Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Building Owner Still Confused by Demolition Decision

The owner of the building that partially collapsed in February watched today, as the last part of the building was being demolished. Anthony Tartaro says he is at the 900 block of North State Street every day to take pictures and video of the demolition. Ritter and Paratore Contracting, Inc. continued the demolition today.

“I have video of it all coming down and if you were to watch it, you would realize that this building wasn’t going to fall down,” Tartaro said. “They’ve been here another 5 or 6 days longer than they thought they were going to be here because that building was hard to take down. They had to wreck it down. That building wasn’t going anywhere.”

Tartaro says he spoke to engineers about the building’s stability, who said the 2-story part of the building was stable enough to stay and the fourth story and the back of the building were the only threats to Interstate 81 North.

The city and the state took away 35 years of hard work not only from him, but also from his 16-year-old daughter.

“They’ve taken away my daughter’s future,” he said. “It would have supported her all of her life.”

Tartaro says he thinks the city just wanted the property.

“I don’t know why they tore everything down. I think they wanted the land.”

Tartaro spoke with sadness, saying he didn’t have any say in the demolition decision and the cost is unnecessary.

“It’s a huge waste of money to the State of New York and the City of Syracuse,” he said.

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