Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Legal work still under consideration for collapsed building

Anthony Tartaro has lived on 921 N. State St. for the last 36 year. On Friday, the building that contained Tartaro's home and business collapsed onto the street causing the Department of Transportation to block of sections of Interstate 690 and Court Street, causing delays for more than 50,000 commuters.

Tartaro says the construction trucks that have been working on I-81 may have caused damage to his home but that the state has yet to directly contact him about it. However, the state did send contractors over today to survey the property.

"The state's hired these surveyors here but I think they don't want it to be their problem," says Tartaro. "Truly it's my problem but no ones talked to me until today and I just wish they would have talked to me from the beginning."

Tartaro says he is frustrated with the progress and hopes the state will not seize the building.

"I believe I should have the rights to say, but apparently not," says Tartaro.

The Department of Transportation says it has the authority to demolish the building but is working with the state on legal issues.

What's next for Tartaro and the 35-year-old motorcycle business?

"I've owned it for the last 20 years. Last time I moved my business it took me seven years to get back where I was," says Tartaro. "But I want to save the building, you know."

One thing Tartaro is not lacking: friends and community support.

"I'm a millionaire in friendship," says Tartaro. "I have nothing in money but I'm richer than you could ever imagine in the people I know."

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