Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big East Tournament Leads to a Increase in Restaurant Business

While the SU men's basketball team is scoring points on the court, the restaurants in downtown Syracuse are cashing in off the court.

All 12 restaurants I spoke to said they expect to have an increase in customers when the Orange is playing in the Big East Tournament.

Dinosaur Barbeque is known for having long waits. Director of Operational Support Lindsay Amorese says she expects the restaurant to have 10 to 15 percent more people when SU is playing a game in the tournament.

While Dinosaur Barbeque has always had large crowds when Syracuse has played in the Big East Tournament, Amorese anticipates more people this year because of the Orange's special regular season.

"I think this year because the team's been doing so well that really kind of lets everyone ride the wave to support them," says Amorese. "I think this year will be bigger than the years previous."

Many restaurants could have more customers during the games, but Amorese thinks her restaurant will be busier at a different time. She told me she expects the most people to stop by after the game to celebrate if Syracuse wins.

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