Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sheraton Shuttles Transport NCAA Media

Just beyond the revolving door at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel is a bright blue sign that reads "Media Shuttle Loading." And just beyond the sign are two bright blue vans.

"I'm transporting the media to the Carrier Dome," says Sheraton employee Stanley Ames.

As the media hotel for this week's NCAA tournament, Sheraton employees have made special accommodations for the reporters staying there. Every 15 minutes, one of the two vans leaves for the Carrier Dome to help reporters transport their heavy equipment.

"They've been coming in with their computers and cameras, a lot of heavy stuff," says Ames. "I think this is convenient for them."

Sheraton Hotel General Manager David Heymann says it makes sense reporters stay at his hotel since it's the closest one to the Syracuse University campus.

"A lot of times they'll go back and forth to their rooms," Heymann says.

For Ames, this means a lot of driving.

"All this weekend it's going to be hectic, but that's alright." says Ames. "I'm meeting different people from different places so I like that."

Heymann says reporters have booked rooms through Sunday. Ames says the shuttles will continue leaving on fifteen minute intervals during the day until then.

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