Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team D 4:30 Newscast

While the 4:30 Team D Newscast encountered a few problems with getting into contact with while possible interviewees, the newscast was very calm and organized.

One issue we dealt with was anchor Aaron Ortega’s foner. Aaron called at least five different people – all for different stories and he either went right to voicemail or was never called back. It wasn’t until around 3:45 that someone was finally willing to answer Aaron’s questions. He ended up writing a really solid story under a very tight time constraint and I think he did a really nice job staying cool under pressure.

As far as reporters go, Eric Silverman and Merav Savir did great jobs keeping me up to date on whatever it was that they were doing. Each told me their story ideas before the deadline I had given them and whether or not their ideas had been approved. Throughout the entire day they were constantly calling and texting me the status of their stories. They both employed excellent communication skills and it put me at ease knowing both of them knew what they were doing.

During the actual newscast, everything was very calm and went off without a hitch. The one issue we did end up having was not correctly naming all of our sound clips for Ryan, but the problem was easily corrected before the newscast. Aaron did a nice job keeping true to the pace we had timed out beforehand. Eric did an in-studio wrap and read it very well. It was obvious he had practiced a lot and felt very comfortable with his story. The whole newscast we only ever strayed away from our cumulative time by five seconds. For the most part, we were perfectly on time and did not need to cut anything. We went out about seven seconds under because we did not include the current weather in the forecast, but the goodbyes only sounded a bit rushed.

Overall Team D worked very well together and I think this was evident in our newscast. We printed scripts with twenty minutes to spare and Aaron had the chance to read everything over at least once before the broadcast. I am proud of what was produced today.

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