Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gas Prices Keep Rising in Syracuse and Central New York

Gas prices are continuing to climb towards three dollars a gallon in the Syracuse and Central New York area. A gallon of gas currently costs around an average of $2.92 for regular, which is an eight cents increase from February.

While gas prices are higher than they were even a few months ago, Triple A's Diana Dibble says they won't rise above three dollars a gallon.

"We may see some continued upward pressure, but we are not anticipating any dramatic price increases barring anything unforeseen," says Dibble.

The worst gas prices were two years ago, when a gallon of gas cost around four dollars. Dibble says they won't be reaching those heights in the near future.

April is usually a popular vacation or travel time with Easter weekend coming up and many students having their spring break. Dibble says most people will still drive to their vacation destinations despite the rise in gas prices.

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