Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Team B Newscast

I thought our newscast went pretty well despite the tough circumstances we faced. About 15 minutes before we were supposed to start, the printer stopped working. Our team scrambled to find a way to print out the rundown and our scripts, but we couldn’t find a working printer. We wound up doing the newscast with only one full script and no rundown.

Once we got into the newscast, we instantly fell behind. Some of the wraps and stories timed out a little longer than expected, and that put us over by 20 seconds. As the newscast was going on, I realized that I might have to cut a story. After Alyssa’s wrap, we had two stories left until the break. I decided to cut the story about prostate cancer over the Big East Tournament tickets story, since I wanted the local story in there.

My decision to cut the story put us right back on time. We still finished seven seconds early, but I thought we ended the newscast better than we did last week. Allie did a nice job reading her stories, and Merav and Alyssa did an excellent job as reporters.

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