Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winterfest Bears visit Vintage Carnival

The Vintage Carnival takes places every year as one of the many events provided by Syracuse's Winterfest. It is an afternoon of food, fun and entertainment for senior citizens around the Central New York area to enjoy. Program director Bill Cooper said the event draws in about 100 people each year.

"We get a few regulars but each year we get a wide range of people," said Cooper. "It's just fun to come enjoy each others company."

The event included a performance by Nick Malpagano, an impersonator who did songs by Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, and Elvis.

One of the most traditional parts of the afternoon, however, was an appearance by the Winterfest bears, the symbol of the Syracuse carnival since it was first created 25 years ago. Sue Aviza started volunteering as a Winterfest bear back when her children when young and has continued ever since.

"I started volunteering about 15 years ago," said Aviza. "But after all these years you still get some new kid that does some weird thing every year, so it's fun."

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