Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Game Day Buses

The highly anticipated Syracuse-Villanova game is just days away, and SU is expecting the largest crowd for an on campus college basketball game, ever. Does this larger than usual crowd need more buses to transport fans from parking lots to the Dome? CENTRO's Director of Marketing and Communications Steve Koegel says no.

Koegel says CENTRO will supply the same number of buses that it does for every other Syracuse basketball game, which is between 35-40 buses. He says when the football plays well, the Dome can fill up to 50,000 people, and CENTRO is responsible for busing many of them from the parking lots to the Dome. He says compared to a sold out football game, they expect Saturday to be “a piece of cake.”

He also says that many people attending the game are SU basketball fans that come to almost every game and they all have their own routines. They know where to park, how to handle the bus systems and have their own “secrets” of maneuvering their way to the Dome.

The number of people attending the game may increase traffic around the Syracuse University Campus. Koegel says most bus routes will not be affected by the traffic, but buses passing through campus will either be rerouted or get caught in slight traffic. He also says by the time the game is over, at around 11:00 or 11:30 pm, there will be less CENTRO buses on the roads, and less traffic.

CENTRO will not be responsible for transportation from Manley and Sky Top lots to the Dome for ESPN's College Game Day on Saturday morning. Koegel says normal bus routes will operate, but off campus fans who usually take buses from the parking lots will have to find their own ways to Carrier Dome for the morning show.

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