Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Child-Interactive "Beauty and the Beast" a Hit

Walt Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" asked, "Be our guest." That was not enough for the Magic Circle Children's Theater's version of the classic fairy tale. More than fifty children out of school for February Break crammed into the Spaghetti Warehouse (Above Right, from lakeeffectrunclub/ Wednesday to be part of a performance of "Beauty and the Beast."

The actors interacted with the children in character throughout the play by asking them what happened during the previous scene.

"We make our characters really dumb so that way we can get help from the children to know what they’re doing on stage and that way it interacts them a lot more," Navzad Dabu, who portrayed The Beast, said.

Children were also invited onto the stage to dance with the characters and act in different roles including the minister at the wedding between Belle and The Beast.

While their children were performing, parents were kept entertained by the Magic Circle actors' pop culture references, including a Spice Girls joke and a brief rendition of Diana's Ross "Love Don't Come Easy."

"I think the kids have more fun with the physicalities, the costumes, the particpation. The jokes are a lot of the time far more geared toward the adults," Dabu said.

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