Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Teenager Finds Winter Job in Clinton Square

Finding a winter job took on a whole new meaning for one Central New York teenager. Rachel Vansryke says she decided to work outside at the ice skating rink in Clinton Sq., rather than fold shirts at the Carousel Center.

"I love it here," she says. "I love my Boss. Everyone is awesome. It just gets cold sometimes when you're stuck outside."

Think of Vansryke as the lifeguard of the rink. She stands off to the side, watching the ice to make sure everyone is behaving.

You'd expect
Vansryke to be an accomplished ice skater since she's worked at the ice rink since December. And, she gets to skate free of charge.

But, Vansryke says she's still a terrible ice skater. She says her co-workers have tried to teach her how to skate, but she can't stop falling.

"I can't say I'm the greatest," she says. "I look at all other people I work with and I'm like, 'How do they do that?' And, they have fun picking on me about it too."

Vansryke has two more weeks to improve before the ice rink closes on March 1st.

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