Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liverpool superintendent believes school closings are necessary

The Liverpool School Board announced they will close two elementary schools because of low enrollment rates and decreased funding.

Assistant Superintendent Kevin Nuzzo said the option had been floating around for awhile. "Enrollment rates have decreased 10 percent in the last five years," said Nuzzo. "It's been pretty clear we haven't been meeting capacity."

Liverpool School Board member Mike Murphy said Liverpool schools have been losing about 150 students a year.

"There comes a time when you have to realize we have a budget to support a certain amount of people, and we're not meeting that number," said Murphy.

That, combined with huge budget cuts from Albany, led Superintendent Richard Johns to close Wetzel Road Elementary School by 2012.

Parents and community members gathered on Tuesday to discuss the closing, but both Johns and Nuzzo believe that is for the best interest of the town.

"We're not gaining kids, and that's the reality."

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