Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Team B Newscast

Our newscast included coverage stories around the Central New York area and a few national stories. Our main stories were Centro’s plan to handle its bus routes for Saturday’s SU/Villanova game, how most hotels in the area are sold out for this weekend, and a special program at the Baldwinsville Library that teaches people how to use computers.

We also added stories about New York supermarkets possibly selling wine, a Toyota recall in the area, and Federal Reserve Chariman Ben Bernanke’s latest news on the economy.

I thought our newscast went pretty well for the most part. Merav Savir and Alyssa Norwin found very interesting stories, and they did a great job with their wraps. They met the necessary deadline for finishing their pieces, and the stories were timed out well.

Allie Leogrande did a nice job writing the stories she was assigned to write. She also finished everything on time. She was on time reading her stories during the newscast, and we went into the break exactly when we were supposed to. We could have been perfectly on time, but I cut Allie short on the weather to ensure we finished before time was up.

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