Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SU vs. UConn Not Expecting Big Crowd

The Syracuse University women's basketball team will face it's toughest opponent of the season tonight when they face off against the UConn Huskies. The Huskies enter the game with a 66 game winning streak. During that streak, UConn has won every game by double digits.

However, despite having the best team in the nation, and arguably the greatest women's team of all time playing at the Dome, a large crowd is not expected for the game. According to the Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Managing Director of the Carrier Dome, Pete Sala, there has been very little change in ticket sales from any other women's game. Sala blames this on the fact that the game falls on a weeknight.

"Unfortunately, this is a weeknight game. The last time we did the UConn game, we had over 5,000 people here," said Sala. "With it being a weeknight game, we're expecting about 2,000."

Despite fewer tickets being sold to the general public than originally hoped, Sala does expect more students to show up to the game tonight. In large part, this is due to students getting in line for the Villanova game on Saturday. Camping out for Saturday officially begins tonight.

"Otto's Army has that element all organized, and again the students come in for free for women's games. We're thinking we'll have at least two or three hundred kids for the women's game."

Sala said that there is usually not a big presale of tickets for women's basketball. Rather, it is usually a walk-up crowd, which is what he is hoping for tonight.

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