Friday, February 19, 2010

Little boy with big passion for the ice

A light snow fell down on the Clinton Square Ice rink Wednesday. Over twenty people came to skate, most of them children. Some were teenage lovers, others just beginners, but one kid stood out.

A chubby little boy skating circles around everyone else in the rink, glided effortlessly.Compared to him, everyone else seemed to be clumsily walking around the ice.

It's not like Matthew Robinson just put a pair of skates on yesterday. He has been skating for nearly half of his life.

"I've been skating since I was four," says the seven year old.

Robinson doesn't wear ice skates, he wears hockey skates. He says he loves watching the sport but doesn't play it. But he will be spending his February break cheering on his favorite team, the Syracuse Crunch.

"Crunch on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday," says Robinson. He lights up when talking about the Crunch; his smile reveals teeth too big for his tiny face.

Robinson says he's looking forward to the outdoor game this Saturday at the Fairgrounds. He also says he busted his lip open just three months ago at the Clinton Square Rink.

But that hasn't stopped him from skating here. Just like any hockey player, he shook it off, and kept skating.

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