Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canastota Building Plan to be Decided Thursday

South Side Elementary School
Photo courtesy of Canastota School District webpage at

While the Liverpool Central School District considers closing two elementary schools, the Canastota Central School District is proposing an expansion plan that includes a brand new one. It's a $60 million plan and voters will decide tomorrow whether or not it passes.

The plan proposes turning Peterboro Street School into district offices, renovating Roberts Street School and selling South Side School. Also included in the plan is money for a completely brand new elementary school and new transportation facility.

Canastota Superintendent Fred Bragan says he hopes the plan passes because the current buildings are unsafe.

"We have to respond to the lack of space and the aging facilities," he said Wed.

If the plan passes, the project would end up costing taxpayers about $330 a year.

Voting takes place tomorrow from noon to nine p.m. at Whitelaw Church, Roberts Street School, South Side School and Clockville Town Hall.

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