Monday, May 3, 2010

Team E Newscast 4:30 April 28

Today was the last newscast day and my second and last time being producer. It went a lot smoother than last time and it might have been since we were the last newscast but I also found myself not rushing as much as the last time. I personally thought everything went well considering we had Allie doing a live shot from the LeMoyne baseball game. I cut the tease and went to "Now This" when I really could've just left it because we had 50-ish seconds coming back from the commercial break and we ended up bringing in a floater. That's the only thing I regret.

Click here to listen to newscast.

Jake did a great in studio story about the golf courses with the chilly weather. He gave Ryan some extra work with the 5 bytes he had but it did make for a good story to listen to.
Emily did her phoner on the Green Tech Center and got in touch with the Director right away with some good sound. We lead with that story in to 2 other environmental stories and then into the weather related stories (Jakes and Allie at the game)
Overall I am a lot happier with how smooth it went before we actually went on air and during because we were somewhat on time and even light!

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