Monday, May 3, 2010

SU Students Blowing Up On the Music Scene

Mouth's Cradle is a band made up of two students, Syracuse University senior Brandon Linn and sophomore Kevin Hegedus. Both of them are from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
"Actually Brandon and I lived just a few blocks away from eachother. At home, I mean we went to high school together," Hegedus said, "but it was a really big high school so we didn’t know eachother until after I graduated."

When they finally did meet, Linn knew they were onto something.

"So through mutual friends I met Kevin, and Kevin is like a really unique guy and I was a really unique guy," Linn said, "so we combined our forces to make Mouth’s Cradle and you know it came about this sounds that I was like totally unfamiliar with but yet totally happy and proud of at the same time."

The duo started making music together, but they didn't take off until they met SU freshman Max Gredinger. Gredinger is in the Bandier School of Music Business, in the college of Visual and Performing Arts. He created and runs the blog, On top of that, he says runs the promotion team for Mike Posner and works on the promotion team for Big Sean, two major artists in the hip-hop industry.
Gredinger is not your prototypical "hip-hop" manager/promoter.

"I’m a white Jewish kid from the suburbs who knows more about hip hop than probably anyone else that you’ll ever meet. "
And that fits perfectly with Mouth's Cradle style of hip-hop.

"Rappers, try to use really hard sample and really rough stuff," Linn says, "And we’re literally sampling the Pokemon theme song and making this crazy rap."

Gredinger says the world is ready for that type of hip-hop.

"The game has changed so much and it went from being a middle lower in terms of hip hop being a middle lower class art form, done in really Brooklyn and like L.A. and like New York City area," He said, "But now its just kind of this internet movement and like being from the suburbs is a new part of hip hop, which is so beyond me."

And the sound that Mouth's Cradle creates, it can't really be categorized as just Hip-Hop.

"Now I would say theyre an electric hip hop duo, which would piss off so many people because it’s a cluster of random and arguably obscure genres." Gredinger says

Clearly that sounds is working. Cradle's first single, 'Honey From a Stone' is number sixty-one in the Pop section of Itunes, and Linn says that's pretty impressive.

"That's above Adam Lambert and we weren't on American Idol"

But success didn't come without problems. Hegedus has crohn's disease, an intestinal disease that makes digestion difficult. He had to miss this semester to recover from surgery he had. He was doing this all while the band was making their first album, The Next Big Thing.

"That was a huge roadblock because I had to work every day and there were just some days when I was so sick and there was just no way I could, be inspired or be able to do creative things," Hegedus said, "and obviously surgery I had to recover from that."

But Linn says in the end Kevin's crohn's turned into a positive for the band.

"Emotionally Kevin was in a really tough, but like I always say, he wrote some of best lyrics at that point because he was in such a deep state," Linn said, "And just literally like lying in bed and just writing lyrics and at one point lying in a hospital bed just writing lyrics."
And now Linn says the band is ready to keep pushing forward this summer.
"We’re putting out a mixtape this summer which is just gonna be really cool because to go along with our unique sound, we’re gonna make a pretty unique mix tape."

As for the future after the summer, Gredinger is pretty optimistic, to say the least.

"Yea, they’re gonna be huge. I wouldn’t, if I dind’t believe it, like I said it about Posner two years ago, and now he’s signed to Sony J. Records, I mean I’m always right about this stuff frankly. Yea, they’re gonna be enormous."

To hear the piece on Mouth's Cradle, click here.

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